Episode 89- Second Annual Book Oscars

The most surprising 5 star: Hench

Favorite Christina Lauren book: The Unhoneymooners

In a Holidaze

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to not dating

The book that gave me the happiest of tears: The Flatshare


Favorite fantasy world AND Best supporting character: The Bone Houses

The book that made me want to call all my friends: My glory was I had such friends

Most favorite memoir: The answer is…

Dreams from my father

Most pearl clutching read AND the wildest ride: The southern book club’s guide to slaying vampires

Favorite Agatha Christie: The murder of Roger Ackroyd

The book I waited most ardently for: Devolution and Postscript

P.S. I love you

Favorite nonfiction: She said

Finding Gobi

The curse of Oak Island

Best reading experience: Jurassic Park

Favorite historical fiction: The Alice Network

Book I’m most angry I waited so long to read: Sense and Sensibility

Book that made me laugh the most: This will only hurt a little


Episode 87- You’re here for delightful banter, right?

Synonyms for excited: thrilled, exhilarated, animated, elevated, enthusiastic, fervent. Maybe one day we’ll better…

Fact check: the Lost Generation is the social generation that came of age during WWI. Millennials were born 1981-1996 according to CNN

The Answer is…

A Whammy from Press Your Luck

The Book of Essie

8-year old Susie in the cult culottes

The Curse of Oak Island

To hear more about Tavia’s love of Oak Island, check out episode episode 53

From the Corner of the Oval